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Ameria is a group of professional services companies registered in Armenia with the objective to provide a comprehensive package of professional legal counseling and advisory, assurance and consulting services in the areas of corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, legal due diligence, direct and portfolio investments, government and corporate securities markets, business planning and financial management, foreign-trade operations, project and company audits, etc.

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ArmInfo. Interview with Mr. Karen Babalyan, Head of Financial Transactions, Corporate and M&A Practice Group at Ameria Legal Practice. M&A market in Armenia is pretty small though it is growing year by year. Could you indicate the market developments in 2011 and what are the expectations for the year 2012? How many M&A deals were finalized with the help of Ameria Group specialists? How many mandates are you involved in now?


Ameria hires a team of committed and united professionals. We host experienced professionals as well as welcome young and motivated beginners who gradually hone and develop their skills and knowledge. 

Our team is composed of professionals with extraordinarily broad capabilities and significant experience supported by the diverse practices and substantial resources; we continually modify our capabilities to better serve our Clients. Through our affiliate companies and departments, we offer comprehensive services that complement our practice, from legal and tax advice and corporate restructuring to assurance and business advisory and more practical implementation, representation and support.

Ameria Legal was named the best law firm in Armenia in 2013 by Lawyer MonthlyMagazine. Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards are the highest recognition in law honoring annually the achievements of the most dynamic and trusted lawyers working in the profession today. More than 500 law firms from all over the world were nominated for Lawyer Monthly in 2013. Lawyer Monthly based its award on such factors as Ameria’s expertise, its operation and involvement in significant legal cases over the past 12...
Interview of David Sargsyan, Head of Legal Practice, Ameria Group, for ArmInfo     Investors in Armenia often face political and economic risks, inefficient corporate governance and weak legal system. Bearing in mind national interests, many spheres and directions of investment activities, which are the most important in terms of economic security and economic interests, they need to be protected and supported. Legislation of our country is mainly targeted at the...