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15.06.2010 Press Release

Within the framework of the Second Judicial Reform Project Human Dynamics KG and Ameria CJSC (the Consultant) embark on the implementation of the ‘Technical Assistance and Consulting Services for the Institutional Support of the Council of Justice and Judicial Department’  project. The project is financed by the World Bank and is implemented by the Judicial Reform Project Implementation Unit (PIU).   

Within the framework of the project the Consultant held a discussion on June 9 this year with all the stakeholders and beneficiaries present. The Consultant presented a recommendation package concerning selection, evaluation, promotion and disciplining of judges, as well as the Council of Justice and the Judicial Department staff relevant duties and functions. 

The recommendation package is based upon well-defined and objective criteria and mechanisms to ensure most predictable system of judge promotion. The recommendation package was developed by the Consultant based on the similar experience of Bulgaria, Estonia and Spain, which most suits the Armenian background.

The discussion was attended by the representatives of the Council of Justice of the RA, Council of the Court Chairmen, the Judicial Department of the RA, the Ministry of Justice of the RA, the Chamber of Advocates of the RA, a number of international and public organizations, judges and attorneys. 

During the discussion, the experts highlighted the topics addressed in the recommendation package, particularly, selection, nomination and evaluation of judges, their promotion and disciplining, as well as issues concerning the institutional structure. During interesting and effective debates a number of recommendations and proposals was outlined to be included by the Consultant in the final recommendation package.



Ameria CJSC

Ameria is a leading advisory  firm in Armenia specialized in the areas of corporate restructuring, M&A, legal advisory, direct and portfolio investments, business and strategic planning, financial advisory and tax planning, public administration and reforms, etc. As a part of Ameria financial group Ameria CJSC renders independent, confidential and objective counsel through a uniquely harmonious and efficient system of five advisory units: Management Advisory Services, Financial Advisory Services, Assurance and Taxation, Legal Practice and Investment Banking.



Human Dynamics  KG is a leading provider of premium consulting services, especially in dealing with institutional development, justice and rule-of-law reform, good governance, public finance and sectoral policy issues.


The company has worked in more than 30 countries - with an initial focus in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In the past years the company expanded its geographical remit to include the Central and East Asia, the Caucasus, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa (MEA).


Human Dynamics was founded in Vienna in 1993 and has subsidiary offices in Sofia (Bulgaria) and cooperates closely with HD Romania in Bucharest and European Consulting Group in Belgrade (Serbia).


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