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2012-02-01 Launch of Public Awareness Campaign for Public Services Reforms and Subsequent Rights of Armenia's Citizens

February 01, 2012

World Bank has contracted Ameria CJSC to conduct the WB-funded 'I KNOW' public awareness campaign. Officially launched February 1 this year, the campaign is aimed at informing the public of around 25 public reforms implemented by the government of Armenia in 2007-2012.

According to David Melikyan, WB Armenia Second Judicial Reform Project group coordinator, 'The goal of our public awareness campaigns is to inform the citizens of existing options and advantages provided by the state infrastructure and favorable legal framework so that they are well armed to protect their interests in all areas of social and economic life both in court and out of court. Active and consistent attitude on the part of the citizens is an essential precondition of successful institutional reforms, especially legal and judicial reforms. Through this campaign, we strive to raise the legal awareness of Armenia's citizens and make the implementation of government reforms more efficient with bottom-up pressure of the society. Naturally, besides the active and aware civil society, we will need to enhance the knowledge and skills of judges and to introduce efficient evaluation systems to achieve our goal'.

The reforms covered by this campaign are not only related to increasing of the transparency of judicial system through implementation of such tools as Arlis, DataLex and others, but also to various aspects regulating state-citizen relationships such as e-governance systems, vehicle registration and inspection, getting driver's license,medical check-up, real estate measurement. The campaign also covers business reforms such as inspection, registration of legal entities and agricultural goods export.The benefits and advantages of these reforms are summarized and highlighted in a series of social ads under the title 'I KNOW' which will be aired from February 1.

'This is not a mere public awareness campaign. It is combined with a series of events aimed at achievement of the key goal - actual involvement of public to help makegovernmental and institutional reforms go off well. All of us should realize that the law can only work for us if we know and apply it properly', - said Tigran Jrbashyan, Development Director at Ameria Group.

Throughout the campaign citizens can get detailed information or clarifications regarding protection of their rights by calling the Government of Armenia at hot line 010 527 000.



About World Bank

Since Armenia joined WB in 1992 and IDA in 1993, the overall investment to Armenia has totaled about 1,517 million US dollars.


About Ameria Group

Ameria is a group of dynamically developing professional services companies registered in Armenia with the purpose of providing a comprehensive package of professional advisory, management, investment advisory and business plan implementation, financial and banking services. The full-scope package of services offered by Ameria Group is designed to support businesses and individuals both in Armenia and the region.

As a member of Ameria Group of Companies, Ameria CJSC, one of the leaders in the Armenian advisory market, provides professional advisory services in three key areas - business advisory, financial advisory and legal advisory.

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